Music to our Ears #1

We decided to shoot y'all some playlists a couple times a month to let you know what kinda stuff is inspiring us lately. Here's a list of the stuff I'm really digging recently...

Spotify / Apple Music

RÜFÜS DU SOL - Like an Animal
Said the Whale - I will follow you
Kendrick Lamar - LUST.
Paramore - Rose-Colored Boy
Snarky Puppy - Tarova
Little Destroyer - Rattlesnakes
Tycho - Glider
NxWorries - Scared Money

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And the Nominees Are....

WHOA! So it looks like our music video for "Stories" was nominated for a 2016 Alberta Film & Television Award in the Best Music Video & Best VFX categories. THIS IS INSANE. As cheesy & cliche as it sounds, it's an honor just to be nominated!

We're up against some great other videos, including our Telus STORYHIVE comrades in Striker & Petunia, and Several videos from Brock Davis Mitchell of DDG (who acted as Director of Photography on our video as well). PS. Someone tell Brock his domain has expired

We had a great team of people involved in making it happen that we are thankful for. We do, however, have to give a special shout out to the man with the vision, as well as the skills to pay the bills, our Director, Mr. Olaf Blomerus who made this all come together in so many ways. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video below!

B.C. Bound Oct 9/10

We are on our way out west to play tunes and get messed! We've got two shows this weekend so come out and party!

Kelowna October 9th @ Doc Willoughby's - Doors at 9 pm/$10 Vancouver October 10th @ The Cobalt - EARLY SHOW Doors at 7:30 pm/$6

We hope to see all of your pretty faces there... here's a little taste of what we're bringing to the coast.

BC Fall 2015

ATTN: B.C.... We are coming for you next weekend...

Posted by In Codes on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Supporting Local Music 101

Here are some tips to support us, and any of your favourite local/indie musicans in the best way possible!

Buy & listen to music PROPERLY

It goes without saying that buying the music of your favourite artist is a great way to support them, but here are some ways to make sure you do it the best way possible with the current music model.

  1. Buy music from them as direct as possible.
    Get CDs/Vinyl at shows if you can. If you have to buy digital, buy it from somewhere like Bandcamp over iTunes. Bandcamp may take an extra minute to buy with a credit card or paypal account, but it has the least overhead and more money goes to the band - also, when you have an account friends can see the music you've bought/supported!

  2. Use streaming services -- Even if you own the music.
    After buying the music, if you use a streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, or Rdio - USE IT. While it's a much lower payout than buying a song, artists do still make money per play on most streaming services, so if you already use a service like this to discover and listen to music, CONTINUE, just make sure you buy the music too!

Go to Shows

It's not any more complicated than that. Don't make excuses! Get out and support. Get into the show! Don't stand at the back, get up front!

Buy (and sell GOOD) Merch

Other than playing shows this can be most bands biggest source of income. Buy a shirt, patches, or whatever creative merch a band comes up with (I recently bought an album that came as a comic book about a love between a bear and a monkey!)

Also, this is actually for bands. MAKE GOOD MERCH. Don't expect people to want to buy the cheapest gildan shirts you can buy to save money. If you have to charge $5-10 more than another band to get well printed, fitting, quality merch and still make money, DO IT. People don't want to wear crappy things just to support you. Also, be creative! Come up with a new idea no one has done before, or do an old idea in a new way.

Tell your Friends & Family

Don't keep a band your little secret. Tell your friends about them! Think you know a band a friend will like? Buy them a CD too! Gift them a Bandcamp download! Make sure people know who you are listening to when you are in the car with them!

Got more tips? Leave them in the comments section!

Share this with your friends using the share button below!

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Stories EP - Digital Release

It's here! Todays the day that the "Stories" EP is available anywhere you get your music online! We recommend our bandcamp, but it's available on iTunes and pretty much anywhere else you can think of!

We will have download cards available at our release show tomorrow - snag it for $3 or we'll also be doing a deal - buy a shirt you get the 3 song EP for FREE.

If you're in Calgary make sure you come down to the Ship & Anchor tomorrow night (Aug 12th, show starts at 9 sharp!) for the release show with The Implicate Order & Belle Armoury. We all have/do work and spend too much of our time at this joint, and clearly have the home ice advantage so it should be a killer night to kick out the jams.

Popular spots to snag the tunes:



Pro tip - want to support us in the best way? Buy the EP (either online or in person) then stream it using your favourite streaming service (Apple Music/iTunes Match, Spotify, etc.)

Online Debut of "Stories" Music Video

Here it is folks! What we've been working so hard on/what you've all been waiting for.

Head to WWW.STORYHIVE.COM right now to stream the video for our first single "Stories". Directed by Olaf Blomerus with Brock Davis Mitchell as Director of Photography.

Make sure you VOTE for the video and share with all your friends and family on Facebook/Twitter so we have a chance at winning the grand prize and making another blockbuster!

Thanks again to everyone who made this happen (comprehensive list two blog posts back), enjoy!

EP Release/Video Premiere

Greetings, cohorts! We bring you tidings of music and video release dates!

The wonderful Mr Blomerus tirelessly worked on the final touches to our music video for "Stories" this week and it will be available online the 4th of August, we'll have a link up as soon as it's live. The details are fuzzy so far, but there may be a public voting period we need your help for when its released as well for a chance at the grand prize of another $30k for a second music video and documentary. Telus is also having a screening, along with all the other STORYHIVE Grant winners, at the Plaza in Calgary on August 20th. They'll be announcing the winner of the grand prize at this time, and you can RSVP for tickets HERE if you would like to attend.

If that wasn't enough, we also just put the final touches on our first 3 song EP, entitled "Stories", the other weekend with the admirable Casey Lewis of Echo Base Studios. We will be releasing it digitally almost anywhere you get your music on August 11th. We will also have download cards available for all shows after the release date.

Also, big thanks to everyone that came out to our show last week and Broken City, and to John Lesbian Seagull and the Tontos for makin it a super fun night!

End Transmission.

That's a Wrap! Time for a nap!

There hasn't been much sleep around Casa de In Codes this last week, but we couldn't have better reasons to be exhausted for. We spent Wednesday and Thursday night (and by night, I mean well into the morning. Most of you were probably waking up for work when we finished) filming our STORYHIVE grant funded music video for our track "Stories".

We worked some of the best talent this City has to offer on this shoot. Olaf, Brock and their crew (Chris, Arden, Jaime, Thommy, Anish, Stephanie). Also, Marie Ferarro/Jenni MacDonald (w/ designers Jennifer/Dianne) making us look good on wardrobe & makeup were all unreal to work with! Last, but certainly not least, the countless extras that came out to make the final scene come to life.

We've seen only a couple unedited stills and it's already blowing us away. Olaf still has a ton of work ahead of him to get the final cut in on time, and we can't wait to see what that beautiful man makes!

There's some behind the scenes shots below from Arden (@snarephoto on Instagram and Twitter). Make sure you go and check out the other work that Olaf and Brock have been up to here & here!

To wrap it up we played a great show with Fever Feel and Yukon Blonde last night at Bo's in Red Deer before hittin the midnight train back to YYC. We'll definitely be back there sooner than later, thanks to Brennan/Ev and our other hermanos del rock, all super nice talented folk last night!