That's a Wrap! Time for a nap!

There hasn't been much sleep around Casa de In Codes this last week, but we couldn't have better reasons to be exhausted for. We spent Wednesday and Thursday night (and by night, I mean well into the morning. Most of you were probably waking up for work when we finished) filming our STORYHIVE grant funded music video for our track "Stories".

We worked some of the best talent this City has to offer on this shoot. Olaf, Brock and their crew (Chris, Arden, Jaime, Thommy, Anish, Stephanie). Also, Marie Ferarro/Jenni MacDonald (w/ designers Jennifer/Dianne) making us look good on wardrobe & makeup were all unreal to work with! Last, but certainly not least, the countless extras that came out to make the final scene come to life.

We've seen only a couple unedited stills and it's already blowing us away. Olaf still has a ton of work ahead of him to get the final cut in on time, and we can't wait to see what that beautiful man makes!

There's some behind the scenes shots below from Arden (@snarephoto on Instagram and Twitter). Make sure you go and check out the other work that Olaf and Brock have been up to here & here!

To wrap it up we played a great show with Fever Feel and Yukon Blonde last night at Bo's in Red Deer before hittin the midnight train back to YYC. We'll definitely be back there sooner than later, thanks to Brennan/Ev and our other hermanos del rock, all super nice talented folk last night!