EP Release/Video Premiere

Greetings, cohorts! We bring you tidings of music and video release dates!

The wonderful Mr Blomerus tirelessly worked on the final touches to our music video for "Stories" this week and it will be available online the 4th of August, we'll have a link up as soon as it's live. The details are fuzzy so far, but there may be a public voting period we need your help for when its released as well for a chance at the grand prize of another $30k for a second music video and documentary. Telus is also having a screening, along with all the other STORYHIVE Grant winners, at the Plaza in Calgary on August 20th. They'll be announcing the winner of the grand prize at this time, and you can RSVP for tickets HERE if you would like to attend.

If that wasn't enough, we also just put the final touches on our first 3 song EP, entitled "Stories", the other weekend with the admirable Casey Lewis of Echo Base Studios. We will be releasing it digitally almost anywhere you get your music on August 11th. We will also have download cards available for all shows after the release date.

Also, big thanks to everyone that came out to our show last week and Broken City, and to John Lesbian Seagull and the Tontos for makin it a super fun night!

End Transmission.