Stories EP - Digital Release

It's here! Todays the day that the "Stories" EP is available anywhere you get your music online! We recommend our bandcamp, but it's available on iTunes and pretty much anywhere else you can think of!

We will have download cards available at our release show tomorrow - snag it for $3 or we'll also be doing a deal - buy a shirt you get the 3 song EP for FREE.

If you're in Calgary make sure you come down to the Ship & Anchor tomorrow night (Aug 12th, show starts at 9 sharp!) for the release show with The Implicate Order & Belle Armoury. We all have/do work and spend too much of our time at this joint, and clearly have the home ice advantage so it should be a killer night to kick out the jams.

Popular spots to snag the tunes:



Pro tip - want to support us in the best way? Buy the EP (either online or in person) then stream it using your favourite streaming service (Apple Music/iTunes Match, Spotify, etc.)