Supporting Local Music 101

Here are some tips to support us, and any of your favourite local/indie musicans in the best way possible!

Buy & listen to music PROPERLY

It goes without saying that buying the music of your favourite artist is a great way to support them, but here are some ways to make sure you do it the best way possible with the current music model.

  1. Buy music from them as direct as possible.
    Get CDs/Vinyl at shows if you can. If you have to buy digital, buy it from somewhere like Bandcamp over iTunes. Bandcamp may take an extra minute to buy with a credit card or paypal account, but it has the least overhead and more money goes to the band - also, when you have an account friends can see the music you've bought/supported!

  2. Use streaming services -- Even if you own the music.
    After buying the music, if you use a streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, or Rdio - USE IT. While it's a much lower payout than buying a song, artists do still make money per play on most streaming services, so if you already use a service like this to discover and listen to music, CONTINUE, just make sure you buy the music too!

Go to Shows

It's not any more complicated than that. Don't make excuses! Get out and support. Get into the show! Don't stand at the back, get up front!

Buy (and sell GOOD) Merch

Other than playing shows this can be most bands biggest source of income. Buy a shirt, patches, or whatever creative merch a band comes up with (I recently bought an album that came as a comic book about a love between a bear and a monkey!)

Also, this is actually for bands. MAKE GOOD MERCH. Don't expect people to want to buy the cheapest gildan shirts you can buy to save money. If you have to charge $5-10 more than another band to get well printed, fitting, quality merch and still make money, DO IT. People don't want to wear crappy things just to support you. Also, be creative! Come up with a new idea no one has done before, or do an old idea in a new way.

Tell your Friends & Family

Don't keep a band your little secret. Tell your friends about them! Think you know a band a friend will like? Buy them a CD too! Gift them a Bandcamp download! Make sure people know who you are listening to when you are in the car with them!

Got more tips? Leave them in the comments section!

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- Riot