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Equal parts upbeat pop and brooding dark side, In Codes uses their loves, lives, and fears as ammunition for their songs, and clandestinely plants hooks in your head while you’re not looking. 

For the members, music and living have always been mutually exclusive.  Growing up was skipping school to get just a little more time on the drum kit. Breaking through language barriers to make soundcheck at a basement club in Tokyo. Picking up the other band on tour when their ride breaks down, cramming nine people plus gear into a fifteen passenger van, and driving six hours to Winnipeg to play to ten people on a Sunday (and giving those 10 people the best show they’ve played all tour). 

Noel and Ryan began playing music together five years ago in different configurations, and started writing for this project in 2013. Recording an EP in spring of 2014 (with producer/engineer and longtime friend Casey Lewis of Echo Base Studio) they were inspired in the session, and the group began exploring more electronic options. That’s when the arrangements turned into something more than just another rock band.  The electronic, modern element of their sound started to grow, and has since become even more defined.

By sharing the stage and impressing renowned acts like Yukon Blonde and Die Mannequin in their first handful of shows, and being awarded a STORYHIVE grant for their debut music video, they have quickly carved out a reputation as the band to keep your eye on in the Western Canadian music scene. 



Vocals, Synth, Guitar / Noel Napalm
Guitar, Vocals / Riot Mumby



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